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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Guitar Playing
  Private lessons    

We work with a variety of music teachers in Billings so that every student can develop skills using their instrument of choice through private instruction. If you currently have a teacher, great! We can send your teacher your sheet music and share the songs your group is working on.  

If you need an instructor, please contact us for a referral.  

Ensemble rehearsal

Group lessons are the heart and soul of our music school.  We offer teen band/adult band/ and jazz band.  You will work with a group of musicians of similar skill level, and the group will be taught and led by a professional musician.  The group teacher will play an instrument, offer guidance, and help get the group ready for the first gig!


All bands gig!  At the end of your season your group will perform at an appropriate venue.  This could be a local brew pub, a community event, or a friend's backyard barbeque.  Decisions on the venue and songs are made as a group, just like a real band!  Groups play an average of three songs and typically open for another band.  Opportunities to perform increase as skill and interest increase. 

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